President Vincente Fox of Mexico wants to use America as a place to dump Mexican workers and bring in money for his country. President Bush is working with Fox to make this possible.

Israel wants to use the United States to crush the Arab countries that are blocking Israel's expansion and threatening its security.

Germans and Frenchmen are very upset that they no longer dominate the European Community. The EEC is expanding eastward so Germany and France are losing the one overwhelming power they used to have.

France and Germany hated America when those two countries dominated the European Economic Community because America was far more powerful than the Europe they controlled. Now they don't even control Europe, so they hate America even more.

In Eastern Europe, the Iraq war means a chance to get on the good side of the United States. So Eastern Europe tends to favor the war the Bush Administration wants, the war that France and Germany - and Russia! -- don't want.

Eastern Europe generally dislikes Western Europe for the same reason Western Europe hates us. Western Europe hates us because, while they threw away the twentieth century fighting each other, America prospered. Eastern Europe hates Western Europe because they drained away their lives under Communism after World War II while Western Europe got rich and powerful.

You can either learn the real lessons of history or you can hate somebody and blame your problems on them. So Western Europe blames America and Eastern Europe hates them.

As time passes you are going to see Eastern Europe hating Western Europe more and more.

North Korea is making trouble because they think that they are next after Iraq and Iran on the American hit list. China is also playing for its own stakes.

So the Israelis know what they want to use America for, Mexicans know what they want to use America for, Frenchmen and Germans know they want to use America for their blame game.

The only people who do not know what they want to use America for are Americans.

And that is where Bush Administration policy comes from.