With the ending of the football season, it is time for the annual handwringing over the lack of black football coaches at the college and professional level. Every sports talking head has to go on and on about how shameful it is that we don't have more black head coaches.

College presidents get real concerned when the football team isn't winning. They try to hire the most successful coach they can find. They know that success on the field translates into donations from the alumni. These alumni can and do hold them accountable for the team's performance.

College social sciences teach that the races are equal. College adminstrators require courses in Hip Hop appreciation of students paying $40,000 a year to attend their school. They favor any and every race for scholarships ahead of white students.

Vanderbilt University recently had a black faculty member who advocated in print that the entire army of the Confederacy should have been exterminated. He was not reprimanded by the school administration.

I wrote Why Johnny Can't Think to DEMAND that colleges be held accountable for teaching things that WORK! They don't have to teach you anything useful, but you have to jump through their hoops to get them to sign that paper that says you have a degree. They are not held accountable, so they can teach complete, utter, destructive nonsense. As long as people are willing to pay these outrageous tuitions and all of us pay taxes to fund these schools, this is what we will get.

But when the schools MUST perform, by fielding a winning football team, we see what they really believe. When they are held accountable for the results they produce, who do they hire to run the team? That is why there are so few black coaches.

You won't hear that from the sports media. No respectable conservative will spell it out. Only Ole Bob will tell it like it is.