This is VERY serious business.

It is essential for you to read July 29, 2000 - ANOTHER WRITER IS PROUD TO HAVE NO FEELING FOR HIS HOMELAND OR HIS PEOPLE and the following article, MY ARAB SYMPATHIES, before you comment on this article.

If I were a good Wordist (WORDISM, May 15, 1999), I would have a lot of sympathy with those who have attacked America. I have been a good friend to the Arabs for over forty years, and I have sympathized with the evil that has been done to them.

But I am NOT a Wordist. I am a nationalist, and an attack on America is an attack on me, no matter how many grudges I hold against New York and Washington.

The South is my nation, but America is the country I am a part of. A Southern Confederacy would be on the side of the United States without reservation.

Osama Bin Ladin and his like have chosen to declare war on my land, and that, not his philosophy, makes him my enemy.

They could have spent all that money and dedication on telling their side of the story. People like me would have helped them with all our heart. But they chose war.

Many are comparing the attacks on the United States a couple of days ago to Pearl Harbor. Many Americans back then wanted no part of a European war. Roosevelt had promised them he would not get us into that war.

Even after Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt tried to get the US to declare war on Germany and Italy. But the Congress declared war only on Japan.

Then, on December 11, 1941, Hitler declared war on US.

So the America Firsters who had previously resisted getting into the war against Germany SINCERELY declared their total support for the war against Germany.

These people included William F. Buckley, SENIOR, a Southerner.

Ever since, liberals and respectable conservatives have denounced America Firsters as traitors and isolationists because they did not WANT to go to war against Hitler. Only those who were for allying us with Stalin before Pearl Harbor are now considered true patriots.

This insane idea runs this way: Everybody insists that we fought Hitler, not because he declared war on our country, but to rid the earth of white people. Even PAT BUCHANAN once said that!!!! See RESPECTABLE CONSERVATIVES KILL THEIR WOUNDED, Sept 26, 1999, reprinted August 11, 2001). So everybody here should have wanted war from the first.

No, America Firsters did not want to rid the earth of white people, and if that makes one a traitor, then count me in.

America Firsters joined in the war with all their heart because Hitler had declared war on their country. Maybe Wordists like Buchanan cannot understand this. But it is the essence of real non-Wordist patriotism that makes me an enemy of anyone who declares war on my homeland, no matter what beliefs they profess.

BUT THIS POINT IS CRUCIAL: As you will see in the next article, I am fully aware of which Arabs are our enemies and which are not. I would no more advocate bombing the innocent now than I would have supported bombing the German-speaking Swiss in 1944.

ANOTHER CRITICAL POINT: TO ME, ISREAL IS JUST ONE MORE FOREIGN COUNTRY. I see anyone who wants to shed my nation's blood for some crackpot Bible theory as blasphemous (See October 21, 2000 - THE HINDUS IN ROMAN PALESTINE).

To a non-Wordist, American loyalty to Israel is as treasonous as any other loyalty to a foreign power. Such foreign loyalty is specifically forbidden in the oath every naturalized citizen must take, and it goes for the native born as well.