Many economic studies have shown that British royalty is a money-making proposition. Queen Elizabeth had a tax-free salary (an undisclosed agreement with the Exchequer now requires her to pay some taxes, amount unknown). That salary was, the last time I looked, fixed at twenty million dollars a year.

But the Queen's salary is like the president's salary. Room and board come free, as does all the rest. Besides that, the amount of property Prince Phillip has is estimated at about half a billion dollars, so you can guess what the actual monarch has.

And the Queen does not live in a castle any more than the president lives in the White House. She lives in a set of modern apartments with air conditioning and heat INSIDE the castle. Queen Victoria kept trying to get some good steam heated apartments and never quite succeeded, because back then it was harder to install that in the castles and she had to live in one of them.

The reason the Exchequer finally had to make a secret agreement with the Queen to pay some taxes on her income was because she made an error I understand. When there was a fire at Windsor Castle, she assumed the taxpayers would pick up the tab. Normally they would, but this time there was an outcry. This caused all the stuff about the Queen not paying taxes to come up in the media.

Actually, I doubt seriously if Queen Elizabeth would be seriously upset if she had to live on a mere million a year. When a Prince of Wales is shaking hands, he uses his left hand, because the right one gets sore. He also has to wear a urine tube like an astronaut so he won't miss anybody. He stands there for hours.

Most billionaires occasionally go out to a MacDonald's or in Britain a Wimpy's. The Queen can't. Do you think she LIKES those boring dumpy clothes she has to be seen in?

And the most "private" suppers are all-too-well attended. And every servant must be thanked and complimented. I have been to a few embassy and White House meals. I can't imagine doing that for LIFE. If you gave me a choice between doing that day after day, year after year, or eating at some cheap restaurant every day, I'd take the Soul Food.

No, the Queen wouldn't mind going down to a mere million or so a year. But if she started living and dressing normally the PEOPLE would raise hell. The TOURISTS would raise even more hell. Economic studies have long since shown that the tourism the monarchy brings in is several times as much as the highest estimate of the cost of the whole Royal Family.

Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, under socialist governments, played it cool. In Sweden the king gets a million bucks a year out of which he has to maintain the old castles. As a result nobody is really aware that any of those countries HAS a monarchy. So the tourists don't come to gawk.

Gawking pays.

I do not resent Catholic prelates having expensive residences and limousines and bright outfits. The Catholic Church is based on a monarchical view. It is out-of-date, but the thing that attracts people to the Catholic Church is PRECISELY that it is so out-of-date.

The two oldest institutions on earth, by far, are the Catholic Church and the British Monarchy. So I don't go in making fun of them. I don't agree with either of them on many things, but that is NOT my point.

When your average person or a Politically Correct moron or a college graduate talks about anything, he quotes from Marx or Mommy Professor about how it should.

Here is a basic. NOTE IT CAREFULLY:

When a professional thinker looks at anything, he first looks at WHY it does what it does. This is the only sense in which I am conservative. I squeeze all the juice I can out of learning what an institution or a person has to offer in practical terms. That is for MY benefit. I only criticize what impinges on what MATTERS, in my case race.

The moron goes in with his mouth moving. The professional goes in with his BRAIN in action.